We are using Maths for Music

Putting a list of trending songs together to make an absolute trending playlist was an easy and no brainer task a decade ago. Not much attention was required to determine if Mary J, Tupac, Shakira, Fat Joe, Wande Coal, Dbanj, Tiwa Savage, Kirk Franklin songs; if they had rhythm and a memorable feel. It made the list. The competition to produce an ultimate playlist or library collection was an undertoned competition among DJs and music heads. I was one of them If it was popular and I am sure a vibe live wire that can tell.

Last night, my friend’s list new playlist was strange and perhaps had a strangling feature of songs I don’t know. His playlist is shuffled among songs I know and care about and followed up by songs in a foreign language but packed with the heat of a good tune.

“Emmanuel, What’s up with your playlist?” his answer, you mean my Spotify list! I followed up carefully, ‘what a collection!’ You dont get to disrespect one of the largest databases of songs and programs for the 21st-century leads and retain your prestige. Another song track jumped on, this was probably swaying in from Asia. Its’ probably a hit song of the continent but with no knowledge of the lyrics I could tell that he made the list because it had a good algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.) that cued into the next song and the song before it. ((( trending songs )))

The world is eventually back to maths again. Maths and music, an era to predict what will make it or never make it to the frontline of a hits song. The underground and alternative music is starting to feel like a buried genre. In the new age, music measurements are superseding the guiding art of listening to music.

One of the most revealing seen of how this works is as seen in the Empire clip above. Making your music an instant success is a plosive experiment of pressure and pleasure.

No more songs for Forgotify (Brings The Unheard Music Of Spotify To Your Ears) for the artists that never made it.

The final notes of music are trending but should we have a permanent change of culture such that would make it hard to tell a hit song from a few notes.

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