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Repeat the song

Repeat the song

Vibing Live

Vibing LiveApr 14·1 min read

It often starts out that a song plays on @audiomack, @boomplay,@Spotify, @itunes the notion to rewind or repeat flags up almost immediately.

Why do you repeat songs?

Some people believe they owe the device and so they get to choose…

Some people believe the songs must have been good enough to airtime play.

Some people believe it the most significant way to trash your FM radio’s bad choices of songs

Some people believe it’s their absolute right to do so.

Vibing Live, a free curated DJ music stream from Nigeria that is listened to by people from over 50 countries around the world. Vibing live was launched as a DJ music web-based platform on July 29, 2020, and since then has grown over a 12 months period with streaming access on over 40 platforms.

Vibing allows you to stay at home and enjoy party music on an unarguably new station music format of DJ mix. Vibing plays about 50 songs every hour, the average radio station plays 24 songs in 60 minutes.

The app features Vibing LIVE, Vibing Gospel and Vibing Talk.

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