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Ditch the lyrics

‘If the music is loud and with a trending dance, it’s very likely I figure out the lyrics of the song as we play on.’ A young music enthusiast told me that and it made me wonder if artistes should even consider poetic-authentic lines for their songs.

Maybe they should please!

So much has changed about how people listen to songs and get involved with all streams of emotion that break out all over you.

The 21st-century music enthusiast may have mastered the impatience that comes with several options, are you one of them?

Nigerian songs are taking over the music charts and everything about the music science that explains why is slipping away.

In our new evolution of music, beats come first, the imagination of how the beat makes you feel takes over and eventually, we can consider the lyrics.

The globalisation of music is very important as slang are changing the very culture of dictionary adaption of words.

Here are few words to look out for

Gbess — Urban Dictionary

A slang originating from Lagos, Nigeria; being popularized through media, in music and comedy. — To catch a vibe completely

Acting big manOne exercising of power in the absence of the boss

Ajepacosomeone who was brought up in the harsh way of life, also a local champion.

You find a thousand of these words joined together in an escape rhythm.The new music is breaks many definition including the need to ditch the lyrics and #KeepVibing

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