Month: October 2021

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Repeat the song

Repeat the song Vibing LiveApr 14·1 min read It often starts out that a song plays on @audiomack, @boomplay,@Spotify, @itunes the notion to rewind or repeat flags up almost immediately. Why do you repeat songs? Some people believe they owe the device and so they get to choose… Some people believe the songs must have …

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Music habits can change your mental state

oop play; non-stop playback of a song that suited any mood within the lockdown apartment; it did not matter if I was in briefs or frying vegetables from the fridge as a food experiment. I played music so much across all genres and then I stumbled on the idea of what would happen if I could play 50 of my favourite songs in 60 minutes

DJ Kendrick

DJ Music from Nigeria

Many people around the world have developed a closer habit to their phones; the isolation created new and enlarged distance between friends, lovers and family who had a list of excuses not to speak often. Music that works has always been a close pal to rely on; good music will get anyone into a mood …

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